Flagship's professional cleaners are empowered with cloud communications technology while in the field, and our services are tracked and recorded to maximize efficiency and quality control. GPS tracking guides our vehicles along the most direct routes and our emergency services are fast, effective, and most importantly, reliable. By knowing at all times which field team is closest to a property in need, we are able to deliver consistent and quality service when it matters most.


Flagship Cleaning is a Green Seal® Certified janitorial company. All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and Green Seal® Certified products are available upon request.

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A track record


Since Flagship was founded in 2011, we've expanded quickly, amassing a portfolio of cleaning contracts across the Greater Boston Area. When it comes down to it, such a track record of success can only mean one thing: great service. It's built into our DNA.

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great service is in our dna

"Flagship does a great job of managing the crews, inspecting the buildings and maintaining the quality that the client expects. I am sure you will be pleased should you engage Flagship. As a property manager for 15 years plus, I very much appreciate a cleaning company that provides excellent service. It makes our jobs as managers easier and makes us look good with the client. The Board and residents do comment on how well the buildings are kept clean."


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